Museum of Freemasonry - Masonic Library

There has been a Grand Lodge Library, in some form or another, since the beginning of the United Grand Lodge of New South Wales in 1888.

The Library is situated within the Museum of Freemasonry, on the Third Floor of the Sydney Masonic Centre, 279 Castlereagh Street Sydney.

The Library's purpose is to provide a collection of knowledge materials available as a resource to Freemasons and members of the public in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

The Library currently has more than five thousand volumes containing a specialized collection of books about Freemasonry, concordant orders, Masonic principles, ideas and philosophy. There are also works on early Masonic history; Australian, New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory Masonic history; Masonic periodicals and an extensive collection of Masonic research materials. The collection is organised into Lending and Reference Sections.

The collection includes various media, including books, periodicals, pamphlets as well as DVD’s, Video tapes and audio tapes. We are continually making additional acquisitions.

The collection includes books on subjects that have influenced, or been influenced, by Freemasonry, as well as rare Masonic books, such as early notebooks, rituals, almanacs, and old bibles dating from the 19th century.

The Grand Librarian is RW Bro Robert Taylor.  He is responsible for the care, maintenance and improvement of the collection and for the provision of finding aids such as catalogues.  The Librarian and his staff are able to provide advice to those using the Library.

The Grand Librarian’s plan to increase the use of the Library and its resources via placing a lot of the Research material, including lectures and talks on the new Library website.

Visitors are welcome to browse the collection and conduct research at the Library. Borrowing is limited to Freemasons resident in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.