Museum of Freemasonry - Masonic Library

The Library gratefully accepts both new and used books on or about Fremasonry and concordant orders.

We can also accept books written by Freemasons and books written about about freemasons. Whilst all donations are gratefully accepted those of particular interest will be those on Australian Freemasons. Especially those living in New South Wales or the Australian Captial Territory.

The Library, through the Museum of Freemasonry, is registered with the Australian Taxation Office and cash donations $2.00 and above are Tax deductible. Donations will be faithfully applied to the acquisition, maintenance and provision of new resources and services.

If members can not donate money then the donation of some of their time to volunteering in the library would be most appreciated. Even two to three hours a week means longer opening hours, which in turn benefits all members and users of the Library.