Museum of Freemasonry - Masonic Library

Whilst the Library is open to the public, the lending of library resources, inc. books, audio, video and DVD items, is only available to Freemasons who are registered members. 

To become a registered member, Freemasons must completed an Application Form.

This Application form is available from the Library on request, in hardcopy or electronic version.

The period of any loan is the end of the month, following the date of the initial loan.

The Grand Librarian may extend the period of loans at his sole discretion,

Members will be liable to pay for the replacement of lost, stolen, damaged or unreturned items, or may replace the item within a reasonable time.

No Reference book, shall be loaned to unless by permission of the Grand Librarian.

Reference books are only available for reading in the Library and their removal from the Library is prohibited.

No member shall borrow more than three books at a time, except with the approval of the Grand Librarian.

Members outside the Sydney Metropolitan area or those temporarily incapacitated may have items posted to them. Members must return the item at their own cost.

Tracking of unreturned items is an ongoing and continuous task for all members of Library staff.

Follow up of late returned items is made in different stages: 

1.    A reminder phone call to the borrower after 1 – 2 weeks
2.    An e-mail or a fax to remind borrower, two weeks after the initial phone call.
3.    A letter reminding the borrow to return the item. Two weeks after step 2.
4.    A formal letter requesting the immediate return of the item. Two weeks after step 3.
5.    Lastly, contact is made with the borrower’s Lodge Secretary asking assistance in recovering the value of the item if it cannot be returned or replaced.

RW Bro Robert Taylor

September 2009