Museum of Freemasonry - Masonic Library

To become a member of the Sydney MoF Library one has to be a current financial Freemason.
A prospective member has to complete a written application form agreeing to abide by the Rules of the Library and quoting his Grand Lodge Registration number.

A prospective member can complete the form in the Library, copy the Application Form, herein, or have it emailed to them. Alternatively the online Application Form can be utilised.
Upon verification of your Masonic membership you will become a Member of the Library with full borrowing privileges.
In circumstances approved by the Grand Librarian, Masons from other Jurisdictions are permitted to be full members of the Library.

Although Library membership is restricted to masons only, the MoF Masonic Library is open to the entire community for research purposes.

pdfDownload the Library Application Form251.62 KB