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Some years ago the "Reader's Digest", in an article on Gothic art, proclaimed this form as the fulfilment of "Man's age old desire to create the perfect House of God." This desire has
When in time of war a company of soldiers go into camp for he night, the men can sleep with a sense of security only because along the frontiers of the camp certain of their comrades are
AMERICAN - that is, United States - Freemasonry, though basically the same as the Craft around the world, has a number of differences that may confuse an overseas visitor. It is not
Abide With Me

From the Research Lodge of Otago, No. 161,  N.Z.
November, 1988

How many times has it been said that we learn and dictate our ritual without really knowing what we say.

Masonic Education
March 1999
Mason Believes

People frequently ask "Why are you a Mason?" “What makes it last through the centuries?", or "What does a Mason believe?"

These individuals,

The pinpricks of the stars have presented man with two cardinal questions to answer: where are the stars and what are they? In the last four decades after centuries of effort, man has
GEMINID METEORS that from earth appear to radiate from the direction of the constellation Gemini each December, reaching a peak of up to 100 per hour around December 13. Along with the
This is another chapter in the great book of Astronomy.

The solar system is a collection of planets, asteroids, comets and assorted dust gasses and rocks, orbiting the Sun, all in much

Venus is the second of the four terrestrial planets, from the sun, and is, after the Sun and Moon, the brightest object in the sky, being fifteen times brighter than Sirius A, the most
Brethren in some respects it is a pity that we live in close proximity to a major city as it virtually denies us the opportunity afforded to millions of men over the millennia, that is
WM and brethren our talk on Astronomy tonight is based on Jupiter, the king of planets, and his retinue of moons, or more strictly speaking, satellites. The word planet comes from the
Collins English Dictionary defines asteroid as a ‘minor planet or planetoid’.

The early observers of the heavens had to make do with naked-eye sightings until the development of the