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This symbolically represents the diverse character of the life we lead with its dark and light periods, its difficulties and achievements, its promises and disappointments. But what of

“Hadie” or “Curley” Webster was born at Bigga, N.S.W. on 18th June 1904. The second child of the family of 9 children of Mrs. Mary & Mr. Horace Webster. He was educated at Crookwell

Johann Wolfgang Goethe was born in Frankfurt-on-Maine on August 29, 1749. He joined Amalia Lodge in March of 1780, ten years after Lessing. Goethe had a great respect for Lessing and

Gotthold Ephraim Lessing was born at Kaumitz, in the Neiderlausetz, January 22, 1729. In 1746 Lessing moved to Leipzig to attend University. Lessing was the son of a theologian and was

Germany celebrates this year the Centennial of the death of her greatest man of letters, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, as the United States celebrates the bicentennial of the birth of George
“Hearing that the Masons had certain secrets that could not be revealed to her (for she could not be Grand Master), Queen Elizabeth sent an armed force to break up their annual Grand

I was sitting in the South after my lodge meeting earlier this week. I was talking with some of my brethren. In the course of our conversation it was revealed that two of them had

Friedrich von Schiller 1759-1805 was one of the greatest German writers, and has been said to be second only to Goethe. Thus far I have found very little about Schiller's Masonic career

These are seen in the four corners of the indented border of the lodge carpet. We are told they represent the four cardinal virtues, but this is a late gloss, probably invented towards

The Blazing Star, which is not, however, to be confounded with the Five-Pointed Star, is one of the most important symbols of Freemasonry, and makes its appearance in several of the

The “Grand Representative” position, of a Foreign Constitution near our Grand Lodge, is not related only to Rank and honour, but includes some very important responsibilities as well.


United Grand Lodge Of England
250th Anniversary Celebration
Especial Grand Lodge 25th – 29th June 1967
An Address By
M.W. Bro Archibold H Seabrook
P.G.M. York Grand Lodge Of Mexico

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