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Now my newly made Brothers you are placed in the north-east corner of the lodge and in this position you become representative of a spiritual corner-stone, and hence, to thoroughly

We come next, in a due order of precedence, to the consideration of the symbolism connected with an important ceremony in the ritual of the first degree of Masonry, which refers to the
After the Entered Apprentice has been invested with the appropriate apron, his situation in the lodge is described in Preston’s Craft Lectures as follows:

Q. Entrusted and invested in


VW. Bro. Gary Kerkin is PM Lodge Piako No 160
PM Waikato Lodge of Research No 445
Past Grand Lecturer, Grand Lodge of New Zealand

The first degree tracing board: some reflections and an exegesis

Victorian Lodge of Research No. 218, Melbourne Victoria, Australia
Bro. Jean-Michel David, PM

This paper is a little different to the contribution I made in open Lodge some time ago. This

Some thoughts on the History of the Tracing Boards

Some thoughts on the History of the Tracing Boards

Presented at the Vancouver Grand Masonic Day, October 16, 1999
by Bro.

Explanation of the First Degree Tracing Board

The usages and customs among Freemasons have ever borne a near affinity to those of the ancient Egyptians.

Their philosophers, unwilling to expose their mysteries to vulgar eyes, couched