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Extract from “Clavis Symbolica” : “The colour which is outwardly seen on the habit of the body, is symbolically used to denote the true state of the person or subject to which it is

No one, among the Masons of England occupied a more distinguished position or played a more important part in the labours of the Craft during the latter part of the 18th. century than


The success of the lodge and the Masters year is not measured in the number of candidates initiated, or the number of visits, or even the state of the finances. The real

We are going to venture into the realm of the eagle ‑ one of the most magnificent and awesome creatures of God's creation.

Few creatures have inspired man to the same extent as the

The Liberal Arts go back over 2,500 years, to classical times. They were practised over Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, being disseminated through the empires of Alexander and

From a block of fine white marble, a wise sculptor created an elephant. Its beauty had an inner strength which radiated the culture of the East. When asked how he had created such a
Q. What is the origin of the Third Degree?

A. In the Operative Lodges of the Middle Ages, that is before 1500 A.D., there was only one degree, one ceremony of admission to membership of

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The greatest honor comes to any brother with his elevation to the Oriental Chair of a Masonic Lodge. Few Wardens but look forward with mingled pleasure

When in 298 A.D. the Emperor Diocletian was building his baths on the necks of the Quirinal and Virminal hills he included within its vast circuit a temple to AEsculapius, the god of

For sixty years Australians have responded to the "Toast to Anzac". Many speakers and innumerable writers have extolled the ethic of Gallipoli, till now it is impossible to utter

In early times, prior to the development of modern surveying techniques, and the recording of the position, shape and size, of land areas, it was very difficult to establish the
The Genesis Of Operative MasonryBro FRED L. Pick concluded the Prestonian Lecture for 1948 with these words: “There would therefore appear to be some justification for the theory of Bro J. E. Shum Tuckett (The Origin