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Many of us have seen a Foundation Stone laid or have read an account of the proceedings usual on such occasions.

When conducted by Freemasons, the ceremony includes much beautiful

Since I first began to find in masonry more than the performance of rites and ceremonies, I have wanted to know how it originated. That is to say, I was curious why men took up

Five hold a Lodge, in allusion to the five noble orders of architecture, namely the Tuscan, Doric, Ionic. Corinthian and Composite.

All Freemasons are familiar with the explanation of

By J. G Sullivan



It seems desirable at the outset to present several basic definitions,

This is one of the explanations of several that have appeared from time to time indicating the interest this important subject has aroused.

The Book of Ecclesiastes has in all ages been

His Royal Highness The Duke Of Sussex was MW Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England from 1813 to 1843, during which period he exerted considerable influence upon the fortunes
Our newly initiated brother is placed in the N.E. Corner of the lodge and he is told that he stands to all external appearances a just and upright man and a mason  and upon the

In one of the Orders of Freemasonry a character is introduced with these words :“He found raphael that was an angel and said unto him, canst thou go with me?  To whom the angel said, i

What is effective leadership? Who provides Lodge leadership? What can the lodge leader be expected reasonably to do? What happens if he doesn't do these things? Why isn't lodge

We are all familiar with the words of the lecture on the First  degree Tracing Board….”the Immovable Jewels are the Tracing Board, the Rough and Perfect Ashlars.  The T. B. is for the

It has always been my contention that Masonic Education ceases , only too often, with the repetition of the ritual. There is a wealth of interesting facts, stories, theories and
Symbolic Interpretation

References to the construction of King Solomon's temple at Jerusalem are to be found in the rituals of the operative Free Masons since ancient times.