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It was King David who first proposed to substitute for the nomadic tabernacle a permanent place of worship for his people; but although he had made the necessary arrangements, and even
The symbols, emblems and allegorical ceremonies of the First Degree have each a meaning. Taken together these meanings comprise the teaching of the Degree. Time is too brief for me to
Unfortunately, because of the passage of time and the diminishing ranks of those who remember first hand the horrors of war, our future generations may well forget the price we've had to
Since the symbolism of the Craft comprises a developmental psychology, it envisages that the step to the Second Degree proceeds naturally as a result of progress in the First. This
Many animals have played curious parts in secular history and in religion. The Russian Bear, the British Lion, the American Eagle are all national emblems. The Lamb plays an important

As every mason knows, at the heart of our mysteries lies a legend, in which we learn how three unworthy craftsmen entered into a plot to extort from a famous mason a secret to which they

The story of Dr. William Dodd is a strange one, full of coincidences and bad luck. Really bad luck.  He is of interest to the Masonic historian because he was a famous Mason who was hung
"The Glorious Dead", as we are pleased to call the men who died in war to save our native land from some external threat or danger, have been well remembered in the words we say of them,

Pietre-Stones Rivista di Massoneria: brief history of the United Grand Lodge of New South Wales

How Masonry in New South Wales will enter into the Third Millennium
With a brief history of

In an investigation of the symbolism of the winding stairs, we shall be directed to the true explanation by a reference to there origin, there number, the objects which they recall, and

In the First Degree you discovered that King Solomon's Temple was an outstanding feature of its symbolism; in the Third Degree you will find that much of the action takes place within or
Jacob’s Ladder is the only reference from the volume of the Sacred Law which is mentioned twice in the Craft Ritual; it must therefore, be considered to be of great importance. In our