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Extract from “Clavis Symbolica” : “The colour which is outwardly seen on the habit of the body, is symbolically used to denote the true state of the person or subject to which it is applied according to its nature.”  This definition may appropriately be applied to the system of Masonic colours. The colour of a vestment of a decoration is never arbitrarily adopted in Fremasonry. Every colour is selected with a view to its power in the symbolic alphabet, and it teaches the initiate some instructive moral lesson, or refers to some important historical fact in the system.

Frederick Portal, a French Archaeologist, has written a treatise on the symbolism of colours and I quote from page 35: White is the colour of absolute truth, of him who is, it alone reflects all the luminous rays; it is the unity whence all the primitive colours emanate.”

In all ages the colour of White has symbolised Purity. When Aaron entered the Holy of Holies, he was clothed in white linen; the ancient Egyptians decorated the head of there principal deity, Osiris, with a white tiara, and there priests wore robes of the whitest linen. In the school of Pythagoras the Sacred Hymns were chanted by disciples clothed in white. The Druids clothed there Initiates who had arrived at the ultimate degree, or that of perfection, in white vestments. White was, in general, the garment of the Gentile , as well as the Hebrew priests in the performance of their Sacred Rites. As the Divine Power was supposed to be represented on earth by the Priesthood, in all nations the sovereign pontiff was clad in white

In Speculative Masonry, White is the symbol of Purity and Innocence. This symbolism commences at the earliest point of preparation for Initiation, and when the Candidate is invested with the White Lambskin as a symbol of purity of life and rectitude of conduct.


This is emphatically the colour of masonry. It is the appropriate tincture of the Ancient Craft degrees. It is to a Mason a symbol of universal friendship and benevolence, as it is the colour of the vault of heaven, which embraces and covers the whole globe, we are thus reminded that in the breast of every brother these virtues should be as equally extensive. It is therefore the only colour except white, which should be used in a Masons Lodge. Decorations of any other colour would be highly inappropriate.