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From the very beginning, after Initiation, Brethren are encouraged to visit other Lodges. Not only does this broadens a Brothers perspective but also gives him a chance to meet many other Bretheren within his jurisdiction. Networking not only helps a Brother enjoy his Masonic life but can also assist with his ongoing Masonic education.

Talk to your friends and work colleagues. Do you know what they do in their spare time? I bet you know what football team they support. But are they masons? Do they know you are a mason? By visiting other lodges you get to know lots of people whom you may not otherwise meet. There have even been occasions where fellow workers have met each other in lodge. For 2 years they had worked together, either knowing the other was a mason. Also, it is amazing how many relatives you may find.

When you decide to visit other lodges ask what lodges meet in the area where you work and live. Depending on if you have a car or not will limit what lodges you can meet. Lodges around Australia , New South Wales meet on almost every night of the week. So plan you trip. F possible go with a fellow lodge member who can introduce you and you don’t have to walk into a lodge room without knowing anyone else.

I consider it at the very least good manners to ring or email the Lodge Secretary of your intention of attending. Also it is wise to make contact to ensure what time the Lodge is tyling. If you are travelling by car you can also check with the Lodge Secretary as to the appropriate parking arrangements. Some areas have limited parking. So by checking you will not be caught out and therefore won’t be running late for the start of the meeting.

When visiting another Lodge, there are some matters which you should do after you have introduced yourself to a member of the Lodge as a visitor:

1. Sign the Attendance Book before entering the Lodge – include your Lodge Number and Rank

2. If required, complete a Visitor’s Card and hand it to the Tyler or Inner Guard;

However, if not visiting with another Brother(s) from your Lodge or specifically invited by a Member of that Lodge, you should be prepared to prove yourself as a Mason. In addition you should take a copy of your current Lodge’s Notice Paper

As a matter of courtesy please ensure that you turn off your Mobile Phone before entering the Lodge. I usually mute my mobile phone and leave it in my Lodge bag, outside of the Lodge room. Nothing worse that it ringing during the meeting. Not only does it disturb the proceedings but can cause you embarrassment

If you are travelling Interstate / overseas plan ahead to visit a lodges during your trip. In order to facilitate your visiting a Lodge in other Jurisdictions it is advisable to obtain a Travelling Certificate from Grand Lodge. It is always a good idea to have a current Lodge Notice Paper indicating that you are in good standing.

If you can do visit other Lodges. Especially the ones which meet in your Temple. You will find that many Brethren are members of more than one lodge. Great fellowship can be the result, You will learn much more by watching the proceedings of other Lodges and will assist you to enjoy your Masonic career.

Remember that when you do visit or when other brethren visit you lodge. Talk with them. Really communicate so you do get to know them better.