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[iii]    I owe this insight to Bro. Francisco Ariza, in his conference Masonerيa y Alquimia, pronounced in the Arْs Library of Barcelona, January 20, 2005.
[iv]  The first three questions are universally the same. In some rituals this last question is omitted. In the Argentinean ritual, there are five questions, the last two dealing with what benefits does the candidate expect to get from Freemasonry and what can Freemasonry expect from him.
[v]   See, in this connection, the chapter on "passing through the narrow door" in Mircea Eliade's  The Sacred and the Profane, English translation by Harcourt, Inc., 1959.
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[vii]    "Breaking the water" is the first sign of impending childbirth.
[viii]    E-mail dated April 9, 2002.
[ix]    These letters have numerical values 1, 40 and 300 respectively. Their sum, 341 and the sum of their figures (3+4+1=7) comprise al the principal numerical symbols.
[x]   See my article The Place of Gloves in Freemasonry', The Philalethes, Vol. LIV, N° 4, August 2001.
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