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The United Grand Lodge of New South Wales was formed in 1888 by the union of all Constitutions then exercising in N.S.W. The Coat of Arms adopted is a variation of that used by the former Grand lodge of N.S.W.  The Crest at the centre top of the Escutcheon (or Shield) is a rising Sun (similar to the Crest in the Arms of the State of New South Wales) on a silver and red Wreath of twisted silk above a Wreath of Clouds. The Sun is a symbol of authority, and here signifies the authority of the United Grand Lodge of New South Wales over lodges under its Jurisdiction. The Escutcheon has as its central motif the Cross of St. George with a ‘star’ on each arm and a lion in the center. This motif was central to the official design for the Coat of Arms adopted in 1876 and confirmed in the Royal grant of Arms to the State Arms (with Stars) were confirmed in 1906.

The Cross of St. George represents the English origins of most of the early settlers while the four stars represent the Southern Cross, emblematic of the new land to which the settlers came. In the Coat of Arms of The United Grand Lodge the stars have five points, not eight as on the State badge, because five points have symbolic significance in Freemasonry. In the upper left Quarter is (clockwise from the upper left) a banded Fleece representing the Pastoral Industry; a Ship in full sail representing the Maritime Industry; a Sheath of grain representing the Agricultural Industry and a Pick and Shovel representing the Mining Industry.

In the upper right Quarter appear a Lion, an Ox, an Eagle and a Man with hands erect, These represent the four principal Tribes of ancient Israel, namely: The Lion for the Tribe of Judah, the Ox for Ephraim, the Eagle for Dan and the Man for Reuben. This Quarter is taken from the right half of the Coat of Arms of The United Grand Lodge of England, being those of the second grand Lodge founded in London in 1751 (‘Antients") and uniting with the first Grand Lodge in 1813 to form the United Grand Lodge of England. The lower left and the upper right Quarters continue to represent, respectively, the English "Modern" and the "Antient" Grand Lodges of England.

The lower right Quarter contains the Arms of Great Britain the Quarterings of which are also displayed on individual shields and together with that of the original (unofficial) N.S.W. badge depict the Constitutional origins of The United Grand Lodge of N.S.W. These shields are surrounded by the floral emblems appropriate to each, while at the foot of the Arms are flowers and leaves of fern, all common plants along the coastal areas of New South Wales.

In the scroll at the base is the Latin motto JUNCTA JUVANT which may bear the literal meaning "Things joined together (JUNCTA) help, assist, support or benefit (JUNCTA) ("one another") and which could permit as a free translation, "Unity is Strength."