Museum of Freemasonry - Masonic Library

O God, we praise thy gracious care,
Which does our daily bread prepare;

O bless the earthly food we take,
and feed our souls for thine own sake.
So mote it be


For what we are about to receive,
may the G.A.O.T.U.
make us truly thankful,
and ever mindful of the wants
and needs of others.
So mote it be


Lord we give you thanks
that by your grace
we are gathered here today.
We give you thanks for the gifts
with which you have endowed us,
Health, Happiness and Prosperity.
Gladden our hearts, Lord,
that we may use these gifts
in the service of others less fortunate.
So mote it be


Let us give thanks to T.G.A.O.T.U.
for all his wonderful gifts.
For food, love, fellowship and
the joys of service for others.
We pray that all these blessings
never cease
So mote it be


Thankyou for this lovely food,
and bless the hands that prepared it.
Lord, make us truly greatful, and,
may we ask for your blessing upon all
those less fortunate than ourselves.
So mote it be


Great God, thou giver of all good,
Accept our praise, and bless this food;
Grace , Health and Strength to us afford,
Through Jesus Christ our risen Lord.
So mote it be


God bless our meat, God guide our ways,
God give us grace our Lord to please,
Lord long preserve in peace and health,
Our gracious Queen Elizabeth.
So mote it be


May the G.A.O.T.U.
Bless that which his bounty has prepared for us
and may he give us greatful hearts and help us
to supply the wants and needs of our fellow creatures.

So mote it be.


For the beauty of the world, for the joy
of human companionship in Home and
Lodge, for the grace and favour bestowed
on our craft during this century, for food
and sustenance to strengthen us, we offer
our thanks and praise to the Great Architect
of the Universe.
So mote it be


Lord God, Great Architect of the Universe, who so inspired the ancient members of our craft, that in the bonds of brotherhood they met each others needs and, first of all men came together in the hidden mysteries handed down to us, give us , we beseech thee, greatful hearts that in joyful service we may bring relief to the unfortunate. And in perfect loyalty both preserve our trust and leave behind us an increased inheritance. Show thy grace ‘O  Lord’
to those of us who are gathered at this table and bless the gift of food which by thy bounty is set before us.
So mote it be
( The Public Orator of Oxford University, Circa 1944 )


Bless Oh Lord before we die
Each plate of food, each cup of wine.
Bless our hearts that we may be,
Aware of what we owe to thee.
So mote it be


Lord, we thank you for the bounties of harvest and the feast of this day.  We thank you for the richness of life and the warmth of family and friends, and we ask that you strengthen us to share our good fortune with all of the family of mankind.
So mote it be.


Oh Thou, Who kindly dost provide
For ev’ry creature’s want!
We bless the God of nature wide
For all thy goodness lent.
And if it please Thee, heavenly Guide,
May never worse be sent;
But, whether granted or denied,
Lord, bless us with content.
So mote it be.