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150th Anniversary Lodge Killwinning

Right Worshipful Assistant Grand Master
Grand Lodge Officers
Brethren all

I am delighted and priveleged to welcome you to the 150th anniversary meeting of lodge Killwinning no 13 of the United Grand Lodge of NSW and ACT.
On 5th may 1857 our lodge was founded by RW Bro Robert Drybrush Cunynghame.
All types of men are members of freemasons lodges, or in some way associated with them.
Freemasons are taught to have the understanding, the attitudes and behavior which makes civilised life possible.
This morality is not peculiar to freemasonry (regarding how to get this message across) is very much freemasonry’s own.
The distinctive Scottish way of expressing the message of freemasonry  (via rituals)
Can be traced back to the 1700’s.

The Scottish contribution to the development and spread of freemasonry in NSW with the inclusion of the 5 Killwinning lodges - the Royal Arch chapters of Dr Gillette Sedwick and the other branches of freemasonry.

We in Killwinning are proud of the part of that transition as an Australian institution of Scottish persuasion.
Since 1858 more than 1300 names have been added to the nominal role of the lodge.
While a few have achieved prominence in the life of the city and in NSW, most have contributed quietly as good family men, as workers and as citizens’ including doctors, ministers, policemen, etc…

We hope that the membership of this lodge has been a practical benefit on the lives of these men, with whom they have lived, worked and played – and will continue to do so in the future.
It is pointless to speculate how different Killwinning may have been, had our brethren of the 1870’s thrown off the lodge’s allegiance to Scotland.
We give thanks for the contributions of our past and present members to this lodge and our community.

In celebration of the milestone of 150 years of happy fraternal fellowship. We should build on the traditions of our past to make the next 150 years even better.

So- Assistant Grand Master, we welcome you to Killwinning. We are enlightened by your presence, and we invite you to participate in remembering our past and be with us in the future years to come.